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IT Help Desk

    Sofia Belenky

    Technology Support Specialist / 617-824-8482

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    Michael Labrecque-Jessen

    Manager, User Services / 617-824-8093

    William Rogan

    Technology Support/Switchboard Coordinator / 617-824-8956

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    Matthew Ulrich

    Director, Media Communications / 617-824-8458

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Enterprise Systems

    Thomas Barry

    Business Intelligence Applications Administrator / 617-824-8475

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    Anne Isakson

    Programmer/Analyst / 617-824-8481

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    Zachary Maxell

    ERP System Administrator / 617-824-8914

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    Steven Rossi

    Senior Software Applications Developer / 617-824-8479

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    Mengfong Tan

    User Services Representative / 617-824-8478

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    Yvonne Ting

    Director / 617-824-8468

    Haiyan Wang

    Senior Software Applications Developer / 617-824-8188

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    Terry Wojtkunski

    Database System Administrator / 617-824-8373

Information Technology

    William Gilligan

    Vice President / 617-824-8191

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    Wai On Kwong

    Database System Administrator / 617-824-8987

    Laurie Smith

    Senior Administrative Associate / 617-824-8190

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IT Infrastructure

    Ryan Buzzell

    Network Administrator / 617-824-8584

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    Francis Frain

    Director, Networking & Telecommunications / 617-824-8294

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    Cyle Gage

    Systems Developer/Architect / 617-824-8777

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    Hugh Gilbert

    Manager, Telecommunications / 617-824-7575

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    Dennis Levine

    Network/Security Administrator / 617-824-8972

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    Bryce Riner

    Network Administrator / 617-824-8934

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IT Lab Operations

    Sarah Benkendorf

    Lab Systems/Support Specialist / 617-824-8091

    Robin Chace

    Applications Specialist / 617-824-8485

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    Mary Coombs

    Manager / 617-824-8483

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    Carlin Corrigan

    User Services Coordinator / 617-824-8488

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    Jacob Wen

    Lab Support Services Analyst / 617-824-8418

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User Services

    Bret Kulakovich

    Director / 617-824-8982

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Media Services Center

    Regina Clark

    Assistant Head of Media / 617-824-8409

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    John DeGregorio

    Media Manager / 617-824-8408

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    Elbert Lee

    Media Manager Evening / --

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    Cheryl Schaffer

    Manager / 617-824-8406

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Instructional Technology Group (now under Academic Affairs)

    Christopher Connors

    Instructional Technologist / 617-824-8310

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    Paula Damigella

    Instructional Technologist I / 617-824-8473

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    Natalie Hebshie

    Creative Instructional Design / 617-824-8292

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    Jennifer Stevens

    Director, Instructional Technology Group / 617-824-3093

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Special thanks to Peter Paradise Michaels for taking the photos.

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