Connecting to ECwireless with Mac OS X

If you’re using OS X, connecting to ECwireless is extremely easy. The following instructions are specifically for the most recent versions of OS X, but the essentials will be true for older versions, though some slight differences will exist. Let’s get started.

Choose ecmobile from the list of available wireless networks

1. From the Airport icon in the menu bar, simply select the network labeled “ECwireless.”

Log in with your ECnet username and password

2. You will be presented with a login prompt; enter your ECnet username and password.

Leave the 802.1X field as “Automatic.” Then click OK.

Airport will go through several stages as it connects

3. Airport will start connecting; in System Preferences, inside the Network pane, you can monitor the progress of the connection.

It will go through several stages as it attempts to connect. Be patient!

The certificate you will be presented with as you connect to ECmobile

4. After a few short moments, you should be presented with the dialog box above.

This is the Emerson College certificate, which you need to accept in order to proceed. Click on Continue to trust the certificate. You may be presented with other certificates the next few times you connect - this is normal, and you should accept those too.

In some cases, it may be necessary to turn Airport off and then back on for it to continue. If no certificate is prompted after Airport trying to connect for a few minutes, try that.

Make sure you enter your COMPUTER password, not your ECnet password 5. You will be prompted for your computer’s password. This is not your Emerson password!


6. With the certificate trusted, the connection attempt will resume. After another few moments, you will be successfully connected to ECwireless!

Having trouble? If you have any questions, always feel free to contact the Help Desk at 617-824-8080, or email