ECNet Services

Everyone at Emerson College has and needs an ECnet account. This account serves as your online identity for your career at Emerson College. It's important to keep it safe and secure.

  • Students: After you submit your deposit, you are invited to create your ECnet account. Once you create an ECnet account, you'll be able to log into eCommon with your ECnet username and password.
  • Staff/Faculty: Your ECnet account will be created upon hiring. Many staff and faculty members have additional access privileges, so we stress the importance of not revealing your password to anyone.

  • Please read Emerson College's Electronic Information Policy, as it relates to and governs your usage of your ECnet account and the Emerson network.

  • Please also read the ECnet Account Deactivation Policy.

What can I do with my ECnet account?

  • Access Emerson's internet connection, both wired and wirelessly with ECwireless
  • Log into eCommon, which is your online portal for managing many of your resources at Emerson
  • You get an email address that you can access worldwide
  • Log into lab computers in any of the labs across campus
  • Log in to Canvas to access documents from your classes
  • Access to networked storage space, like Pages (everyone) or Cabinet (staff/faculty only)

Need an ECnet password reset?

If you've forgotten your ECnet password, your first step should be the self-reset tool (only available to students).

If you are unable to use the self-reset, come to the Help Desk in person. We need to verify your identity before we can reset your password. Make sure to bring your Emerson ID card with you.

If you are physically unable to come to the Help Desk, contact us at for more information.

ECmail Account

The Emerson community receives email along with their ECnet accounts. Usually, you can reach someone at Emerson's directory is available online. Official communication from the College will be sent to your Emerson email address.

Computer Lab Access

Your ECnet account also grants you access to the 16 computer labs on campus. There are also print and Internet kiosks strategically located for your convenience.

Lab Operations maintains the computer labs on campus, and has detailed information about each one.

Pages and Cabinet

All Emerson students, staff, and faculty members have 250 MB of space on the Emerson Network (ECnet), called Pages. It is a personal web publishing and file storage space. Pages allows you to publish your files to the web by copying them to your folder. Pages is backed up regularly, so it is a safe place to save your documents.

Staff and faculty also have access to Cabinet. Cabinet has a higher quota, and is designed for important work documents. Like Pages, Cabinet is backed up all the time, and in case of computer hardware failure, will ensure the safety of your data.

More information about your Cabinet folder »

Network Access

  • Connecting to the wired network on campus: In the dorms, Emerson maintains a 1-to-1 port-to-person ratio, so there will always be an ethernet port in your room.
  • Connecting to ECwireless, the wireless network: Emerson maintains an expansive wireless network all around campus, and instructions are available to help you get connected.