The Infrastructure group is responsible for building and maintaining Emerson College's IT networking, telecommunications, and server systems.

The Network!

Emerson College's IT Infrastructure is largely contained within the data center located on the 4th Floor of 180 Tremont Street. We have 2 Gigabits of bandwidth coming in from outside providers. Our internal network, including floor closets, wireless access points, and core switches is an entirely Juniper Networks environment. Emerson is also connected to Internet 2, allowing for high speed connections to Harvard, MIT, and other educational institutions. A growing number of curricular, business, and dormitory floors on campus are connected at 10 Gigabit, allowing computers on the wired LAN to edit video from our network storage, transfer files quickly from our servers, and achieve fast download speeds.

The data center also houses our server environment, compromised of IBM blades and storage for our high-demand enterprise systems such as Banner. Our VMware cluster is built from four high-memory, high-CPU Dell Enterprise hosts. In recent years, Emerson has worked toward decreasing our power footprint by consolidating services into our virtual environment. Today, the majority of our servers and services, including web sites, file storage, applications, and security are virtual, providing greater redundancy, upgrade flexibility, and power efficiency.

The Disks!

Emerson IT is committed to the continued investment of reliable technology, and the infrastructure team is responsible for keeping current with the technology needs of the college and maintaining a strong network/server foundation. The infrastructure team includes networking, systems, and telecommunications administrators and technicians.

Guides specifically about Telecom services like phones, long distance codes, and voicemail can be found here.