Residence Hall IT Services

Cable TV

Hooking up your TV in the dorms should be painless! For those times when it isn't, below are a few troubleshooting steps you can try.

  • Check the condition of the jack: Is the jack physically broken or pushed into the wall?
  • Test your jack with another TV or cable you know is working properly: If you find your cable to be faulty, new ones are sold at the Emerson Bookstore, as well as Staples and Radio Shack nearby.
  • Test your TV and cable with a jack you know is working properly.
  • Are other residents experiencing a problem with their cable TV access?
  • Try viewing an Emerson College channel: If there is picture and sound on one of the Emerson College channels (channels 3, 56, and 57) but other cable channels are not working, the trouble is likely to be system-wide, and not just in your room.

If you've tried the above and your TV and cable are working, but your jack isn't, call the Help Desk at 617-824-8080 to report the problem.


Emerson College maintains an expansive, fast, and reliable network available for your use. Ethernet ports are located in every dorm room, as well as all around campus, and ECwireless, the wireless network, is equally pervasive. Even so, best practice might be to keep an ethernet cable in your bag, and keep an eye out for ethernet ports, so you can plug in if you need to.

Registering to use Emerson's network requires that your computer be up-to-date with certain patches. You will receive notification if updates are needed before you can use the network. Windows computers connecting to Emerson's network are required to have anti-virus software installed. Microsoft Security Essentials is well regarded and available free of charge. You can read more about Anti-Virus protection and maintenance at Basic Computer Maintenance »

By registering for and using Emerson's network, you are agreeing to Emerson's Electronic Information Policy. Familiarize yourself with it, as well as other Emerson College IT Policies.


Looking for landline phone service in the dorms? Telecom provides a few options: